Your Top 5 List for Japan

Japan is an ancient and beautiful country that offers everything from ultra-modern cities to ancient shrines, stunning mountain vistas and warm coastal waters. This means that a […]

The Top Airlines Rated

When we book a holiday, most of the time the airline we fly with is something of a secondary consideration. We look at things like price and […]

No Fly Cruises from the UK

  It’s great to daydream about all those far-away destinations that we see in magazines, the internet or on TV – but what if you’re not a […]

Top Packing Tips & Tricks

Packing for a holiday can sometimes resemble a military operation with clothes lined up neatly, items stacked into piles ready to be stuffed into carry-on luggage and […]

Welcome to BTHA

This is your welcome post for Best Travel & Holiday Advice (BTHA) and I’m really pleased you could join me on this journey. I’m not going to […]