No Fly Cruises from the UK


It’s great to daydream about all those far-away destinations that we see in magazines, the internet or on TV – but what if you’re not a fan of flying?

There are many reasons why so many people prefer not to fly. Some suffer from claustrophobia or anxiety issues. Others are concerned about the mobility aspect or health implications of long-haul flights. Whereas others avoid flying in a bid to help protect the environment.

Whatever the reasons for opting not to fly – there are still some great options to travel the world, and cruising is one way of seeing those enticing distant lands, without ever setting foot on an aeroplane.

Cruising has been a popular travel choice for many years, and these days the routes and destinations are as varied and exciting as ever.

Often, though, it can be necessary to fly to a location before the cruise begins, which can obviously be off-putting for anyone who prefers not to fly.

So it’s great news that there are an increasing number of cruises available from the UK – meaning those dream destinations may become a reality for those averse to flying after all.

But even beyond the benefits for non-flyers – these no fly cruises have some great appealing advantages for all travellers.

For example, there are no lengthy security procedures, as is increasingly the case with air travel.

Also, the parking at ports is very often excellent and very reasonable, which can be a great advantage over airport parking costs and hassles. Some cruise companies even included Free Parking deals, so make sure to enquire about these if you’re thinking of booking a cruise.

One more benefit of No-Fly cruising is that you are far less restricted when it comes to luggage and packing. There are often fewer limits on how much luggage you can take and what you can pack – which is great if you love to take your full wardrobe and favourite bits and pieces when you go away!

So if you’re intrigued about the benefits of cruising from the UK – without the need to get on an aeroplane – watch the video below for more info, tips and ideas.

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