Top Packing Tips & Tricks

Packing for a holiday can sometimes resemble a military operation with clothes lined up neatly, items stacked into piles ready to be stuffed into carry-on luggage and the pile in the corner that you have no idea what to do with. Going on holiday is fun but packing for it often isn’t so here are top packing tips and tricks to help make the process easier.

Create a packing list

One of the worst things when you board the plane is the feeling you have left behind something important. That’s why creating a packing list is an essential part of preparing for holidays. List all the essentials such as passports, medication and toiletries as well as electrical items that you want to take. Even make a clothes lists to ensure you get everything in.

Opt for lightweight suitcases

If you can, invest in lightweight suitcases and bags where possible. This will give you the same amount of space but takes up less of your allowance with the weight of the actual bag.

Personalise your bags

One of the easiest ways to ensure you see your luggage easily at the airport is to make your bags personalised in some way. There are lots of black, blue and grey bags out there but how many have a Pokémon character on them? Kids stickers are a fun way to make a bag easy to spot.

Roll and use vacuum packs

Some clothes can easily be rolled to take up less space and you can even invest in small vacuum bags. These work with the vacuum cleaner and reduce the size of items dramatically by drawing out all of the air. Just make sure you have the same facility for the return flight or things might not fit back in!

Use all available space

Don’t worry about packing tidy – pack things into every little nook to get the most into each bag. Pop socks and underwear into those little spaces and slide slender clothes into the gaps between bulkier stuff.

Use resealable bags for everything

Resealable bags come in all shapes and sizes and are so useful. Electrical items, cables, anything fiddly or in multiple small pieces can be bagged up and made easy to access and simple to carry.

Use cotton wool to prevent makeup accidents

If you have ever had makeup come open in your suitcase, you know the mess it can cause. Stop this by putting cotton wool pads against the eyeshadow and other powders and put things into small resealable bags.

Use cling film around bottles

Like makeup leaks, shampoo, perfume or other liquids can break and make a mess during travel. To reduce the chance of this, wrap them in cling film before putting them in a trust resealable bag. If the bottles are glass, either use a small travel sized spray bottle to put some of the content in or wrap the glass bottle in cotton wool first.

Use an e-reader rather than take books

There’s nothing nicer than sitting by the pool, reading but books can be heavy and take up a lot of room. Why not take an e-reader or tablet instead? There’s a Kindle app as well as books available through iTunes and Google Play so there are plenty of ways to fill up your reading list on one device.

Weigh the luggage before you leave

No-one likes to pay extra for overweight baggage at the airport so weigh your bags before you leave. Your airline will tell you baggage allowance beforehand so take note and check the actual bag weight ahead of time.

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